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IFF Wins FiFi Technological Breakthrough of the Year Award

Prestigious Award Granted to IFF for Encapsulation Time-Touch Technology Used for the First Time in Personal Care Products

NEW YORK, April 13, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ --

International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (NYSE: IFF), a leading global creator of flavors and fragrances, recently won the 2011 FiFi(R) Award, the highest honor in the fragrance industry, for Technological Breakthrough of the Year for its unique encapsulation technology. IFF applied this technology to "Redken Nature's Rescue Radiant Sea Spray" - Time Touch Hair Fragrance.

"We are thrilled to win this important FiFi Award for Technological Breakthrough," said Nicolas Mirzayantz, Group President, Fragrances at IFF. "IFF has a proud history of innovation, positioning us as an industry leader as we develop new and original concepts using cutting-edge technology. We believe our time-touch technology, which delivers a new experience to consumers equivalent to fragrance-on-demand, is a ground-breaking fragrance delivery system that will revolutionize the hair care market."

Mr. Mirzayantz continued, "The consumer has a myriad of choices in personal care products and we work closely with our customers to differentiate their brands and their product offerings in an increasingly demanding and competitive marketplace. We thank the team at L'Oreal and Redken for their confidence in us to successfully apply time-touch technology for the first time in a hair care product."

This new capsule technology is a delivery system usable in hair care products in which individual fragrance droplets are coated with a protective polymeric shell, allowing the wearer to activate the release of the scent, providing control over both timing and intensity of the experience. Microscopic fragrance reservoirs in the product protect the scent from releasing immediately upon application to hair. The capsules remain stable until activated by brushing, touching or motion, which allows the fragrance to diffuse into the environment for the enjoyment of both the wearer and those nearby. Since each application of the product contains millions of capsules, the effect can be generated multiple times based on the desire of the wearer.

Redken Nature's Rescue Radiant Sea Spray is a haircare essential that provides a long-lasting fragrance experience on hair, allowing wearers to be re-vitalized throughout the day. While similar approaches have been used successfully in laundry products, the successful application of this technology into the personal care arena offers enormous possibility for the fragrance industry. Its longer-lasting, wearer-activated qualities will enhance consumer value and the relevance of fragrance as it is extended to other fragrance applications, providing unique scent performance over time.

About The FiFi(R) Awards

The FiFi(R) Awards are presented each year by TheFragrance Foundation, a non-profit, educational arm of the international fragrance industry. The mission of TheFragrance Foundation is to enhance the image of the fragrance industry and expand the appreciation and use of fragrance in all its forms across all distribution channels globally.

About Redken

Redken is a global leader in professional haircare products and services, with products available in professional beauty salons in over 50 countries. Redken is committed to formulate scientifically superior products for the global salon community. The Company balances its solid past of science with inspiration from the industry's best educators and a street sense of fashion that keeps Redken on the cutting edge.

About IFF

International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (NYSE: IFF), is a leading global creator of flavors and fragrances used in a wide variety of consumer products and packaged goods. Consumers experience these unique scents and tastes in fine fragrances and beauty care, detergents and household goods, as well as beverages, confectionery and food products. The Company leverages its competitive advantages of brand understanding and consumer insight combined with its focus on R&D and innovation, to provide customers with differentiated product offerings. A member of the S&P 500 Index, IFF has sales, manufacturing and creative facilities in 32 countries worldwide. For more information, please visit our website at

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