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International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. is contributing its world-renown fragrance expertise and technology to a new exhibit on perfume and design at the prestigious Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (Museum for Art and Design) in Hamburg, Germany.

Hamburg, Germany, February 22, 2005—International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. is contributing its world-renown fragrance expertise and technology to a new exhibit on perfume and design at the prestigious Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (Museum for Art and Design) in Hamburg, Germany.

“IFF is a leader in the creation of fine fragrances and has developed many of the classic fragrances consumers enjoy today. Our creative teams often draw on the visual arts for inspiration in creating their fragrances. So it was natural for IFF to partner with the Museum on this exhibit,” said Heike Hegmann, Marketing Manager, IFF Hamburg. “It gives us an opportunity to show our deep knowledge of perfumery and to forge important connections in the worlds of art and design that will help spark the creativity of our perfumers and marketers.”

“Perfume—The aesthetics of seduction” provides insight into this complex world of beauty and elegance by examining the cultural history of perfumes, design and product philosophy, marketing, and ideals of beauty. Over 700 objects connected with perfume will be exhibited, including fragrance bottles and packaging, advertisements, posters, photos, and film spots.

Through IFF's unique fragrance dispenser technology, visitors will have the opportunity to sample different fragrance ingredients of natural and synthetic origin. In addition, IFF will contribute to the program of seminars and lectures accompanying the exhibition, providing “smelling sessions” that not only explain the fundamentals of perfumery, but allow the attendees to experience the different type of fragrance notes that create a perfume.

Visitors to the exhibit can also test their knowledge of fragrance by taking a quiz. Participants will automatically be entered to win a trip to IFF's highly innovative re_searchLab Berlin, run in collaboration with fragrance artist Sissel Tolaas, where a customized fragrance will be created for the winner.

“Perfume has long been used to reveal the personality of the wearer. While once available only to the wealthy, perfume has increasingly become an affordable luxury for more and more consumers. As a result, the custom fragrance has become the ultimate in expressing one's individuality through scent,” said Karen Hein, Fragrance Manager Germany. “This is a unique opportunity for the winner to enter a cutting-edge fragrance lab, observe the creative process of a perfumer, and leave with a bottle of tailor-made fragrance that would normally cost thousands of euros at a custom scent boutique.”

IFF's work with the Museum for Art and Design is the latest in IFF's continuing search for new fragrance ideas and inspirations through partnerships with innovators in adjacent and related fields. IFF has ongoing partnerships with the Royal College of Art in London, the Institut Francais de la Mode in Paris, and the Antwerp School of Design. In addition, IFF collaborated with fashion and art publication Visionaire on its 42nd edition, SCENT. These partnerships ensure that the Company's perfumers have the opportunity to explore new creative territory with both legends and up-and-comers in the fashion design and art worlds. This interaction helps IFF continue to develop classic and cutting-edge fragrances that delight consumers and make its customers leaders in the marketplace.

“Perfume—The aesthetics of seduction” will be open until April 24, 2005 at the Museum for Art and Design. For more information about the exhibit, please contact or visit
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