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IFF Raises the Bar with New Range of Natural Chicken Flavors that Capture the "Essence Of Chicken"


Hilversum, The Netherlands, August 25, 2008 – International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF) has announced the availability of a new range of highly authentic, natural chicken flavors based on gold standard culinary benchmarks created by a global team of Research Chefs led by Certified Master Chef Florian Webhofer.

"Our extensive consumer research conducted in major markets across the globe told us that chicken is a nearly universal comfort food and that consumers want authentic, familiar chicken tastes and aromas created by cooking techniques they know and love. Spices and herbs add interest and regional character, but the true 'essence' of chicken should shine through," said Jos Muilwijk, IFF Head of Global Savory Category Management. "We felt that it was up to IFF, as the global leader in chicken flavors, to meet this demonstrated need and deliver the ultimate range of natural chicken flavor profiles unadorned by herbs and spices."

To fulfill this need for its customers, IFF initiated what Muilwijk describes as a perhaps unprecedented marshalling of the company's diverse global resources.

"Our Sensory and Consumer research in key markets around the globe provided insights into needs, preferences, cooking and consumption habits. From there, our Certified Master Chef and his team prepared gold standard chicken dishes. Trained sensory panels in various locations around the world evaluated these to find the superior profiles in each category, and our world-class R&D and Flavor Creation professionals matched them exactly, detecting many new proprietary substances in the process," Muilwijk said. "I believe that this partnership between culinary artistry and state-of-the-art technical expertise resulted in the successful development of these extraordinary, high-impact authentic profiles, which have substantially raised the bar for natural chicken flavors in the industry. These are truly game-changing products."

"We were told 'do whatever you need to do in order to create the best natural chicken flavors possible,' and we enthusiastically took on the challenge," said Certified Master Chef Florian Webhofer. "We brought in a selection of the world's finest chickens, raised on different diets and in a variety of habitats, and cooked them open pan, slow cook, high pressure pan and more—using nothing but a pinch of salt as seasoning—and found the best target flavor profiles to guide the creative team in the design of this new range. I am very pleased with the authenticity of the results. I feel that these are the finest natural chicken flavors yet created."

Muilwijk notes that the new products provide a "toolkit" of key chicken profiles including boiled white meat, boiled dark meat, skin, roasted and grilled, which can be combined and augmented to create a virtually unlimited number of custom results for applications including soups, sauces, bouillons, gravies, marinades, noodles, quick service foods, frozen foods and more.

"Food manufacturers can now start with a natural product that provides an outstandingly flavorful, clean-tasting chicken essence, and use it as a building block to develop even more delicious products," he said. "These chicken profiles can be easily blended with ingredients specific to any locality or cuisine, enabling the creation of signature notes for specific product brands."

IFF's new range of authentic natural flavors is available globally. For more information and product samples, contact your IFF account manager.

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